Car Insurance Brokers


When it comes to insurance, having a good, independent broker looking after you could be invaluable.  In today’s fast-paced world time is money.  Everyone don’t have the time to call the various car insurance companies for quotes, trying to understand the different cover and benefits available in the market and keep up to date with policy requirements.

Also referred to as:  Insurance Brokers, Car Insurance Agents, Intermediaries

Benefits Of A Good Broker

A good broker will:

  • Analyze your situation and cover required.
  • Get quotes from various insurance companies and niche products.
  • Will advise you on products to suite your specific needs.
  • Where applicable, inform you of additional cover that might become available.
  • Inform you of new products/cover on the market.
  • Review your policy at least once a year at Renewal.
  • Provide claims and policy administration service and support to clients.

By using a broker you have a direct line of communication (telephonic and email) and don’t have to contact call centres where different consultants try to assist.

Insurance brokers are required by law to be registered with the Financial Services Board and have to meet strict requirements when dealing with clients.