Car Accidents


What procedures should be followed when you’ve been involved in a car accident from an insurance point of view?

Firstly, stay calm and find out if anyone needs urgent medical attention.  Contact the police and seek medical assistance if necessary.

Driver Details

If another vehicle(s) was involved in the accident, take the other drivers’ details.  Name, surname, ID number, contact details, home address, details of his/her insurance company or broker.

Vehicle Details

The make, model, colour and registration number of all other vehicles involved.

Report Accident

If your vehicle is still drivable, report the accident at the nearest police station and obtain a case number.


Confirm that the towing company is accredited and approved by your insurer before your vehicle is towed away.  Also confirm where your vehicle will be towed to and costs involved.

Admission Of Liability

Never admit liability on the scene of an accident, as doing so could have huge legal implications.  Leave it to the legal department of your insurance company to determine liability.