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Car Insurance South Africa


Save on your monthly insurance premiums by getting an online car insurance quote.  If needed, you can also include your home contents, buildings and more.

Various options exist to get affordable rates for your car.  If financially within your reach, taking a higher excess can reduce your car insurance premium.  Where you park your car overnight can also have an influence on your premiums.  Comprehensive cover also costs more than Limited and 3rd Party cover.

Your age, the date you obtained your driver’s license and your claim-free years insured would also be taken into account with the calculation of car insurance quotes.  Use this online car insurance calculator to get an estimate of what you will pay.

Need more information before insuring your car?  Scan through the info pages below.

Also referred to as:  Auto Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Motor Insurance or Motor Vehicle Insurance.

More About Car Insurance:

Types Of Cover

Different cover options are available when choosing car insurance.  From comprehensive cover, limited cover to 3rd party only cover.

Insurance Excesses

What is an excess?  When do you have to pay them and an explanation of the different excesses applicable to car insurance in South Africa.

Car Accidents

Do you know what to do (and what not!) when you’ve been involved in a car accident?

Step-by-step procedures to follow after an accident.

Car Insurance Claims

Which items are usually included and excluded on a car insurance policy?  And how to submit your claim after an accident or loss.

Cheap Car Insurance

Wish you could save a few rand? Find out how you can lower your car insurance premiums and the consequences you’ll face.

Car Insurance Companies

South African insurance companies providing car insurance online.  Choose the company that best suite your needs and budget.

Insurance For Women

Do you pay less for car insurance if you’re a woman?

Find out if it is true and how to save even more in the long run.

Roadside Assistance

Provides assistance with towing your vehicle to the nearest dealership, repair centre or panel beater in the event of a mechanical breakdown or car accident.

Family Protection Cover

A benefit designed to cover your family in the event of death.

Write Off Booster

Receive an additional 10%, 20% or 30% car insurance payout in case of a total loss when your vehicle is stolen or written off.

Personal Accident Cover

Cover in the event of death or permanent disability caused by accidental injury of the insured.

Top Up Insurance

Provides cover against the credit shortfall between your insurance payout and the settlement amount of your car finance agreement should your car be stolen or written off.

Car Hire

A car hire extension on your car insurance policy allows you to continue your daily activities uninterrupted when you have a claim.

Car Insurance Ombudsman

The Ombudsman act as a mediator between the insured and the insurance company in order to resolve disputes.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Provides the most cover for your vehicle on a short term insurance policy.  See what is covered under this option and if you need it.

3rd Party, Fire & Theft (Limited Cover)

Providing less cover than comprehensive option, yet more than 3rd Party only.  Find out if you can use this option to save on your insurance.

3rd Party Only Insurance

The most basic of the car insurance cover options.

Get more information and decide whether this would be an option for you.

Compare Car Insurance

Do you want to compare quotes from the leading car insurance companies in South Africa? Submit your details here and compare at your leisure.

Car Insurance Quotes

For most people, buying a car is the second largest purchase they will make.  Therefore, it is vital to ensure your vehicle is adequately covered should life happen.

Car Insurance Brokers

A good insurance broker will provide invaluable advice on different products and benefits available to policyholders and assist with handling of claims.

Online Car Insurance

Many people nowadays don’t have the time to get insurance quotes telephonically or to see a consultant and prefer buying online in their own time.

Legal Assistance

Get access to legal advice from a team of professional attorneys working on your behalf.

Write Off Protection

This kind of policy allows for a higher level of damage before your car is deemed uneconomical to repair by the insurance company.

Road Accident Fund Cover

Ensures that you receive 100% of the payout payable by the Road Accident Fund and protects you from unforeseen fees in the event of a car accident.

Excess Reducer

Reduce your basic car insurance excess with this product.

Tyre Insurance

A tyre protection policy assists with the cost of repair or replacement of your car’s tyres, including balancing and wheel alignment.

Scratch And Dent Insurance

Keep your car in top condition and protect yourself from unforeseen costs related to minor dents and scratches.

4×4 Insurance

When taking your 4×4 off-road or on an overlanding trip through Africa, additional cover is required to ensure that you are adequately insured.