Cheap Car Insurance


Everyone wish they can save a few rand.  Especially on insurance premiums, but you still want to be adequately covered should a claim arise.  Here’s some tips on how to get cheap car insurance in South Africa.

Where You Live

Living in a generally safe area would ensure a cheaper car insurance premium compared to someone living in a high crime area or suburb.

The Car You Drive

High performance vehicles and imported cars cost more to maintain and will therefore increase your insurance premium.  It will also take longer for your vehicle to be repaired if parts are not readily available.

Anti-Theft Device

The level of security installed in your car will influence the premium.  Installing a tracking device can result in a substantial saving.

Some insurers can even arrange for a free installation and include the monthly subscription of the tracking company with your car insurance.  No need for separate debit orders.

Claim-Free Years

Each claim-free year you’re insured, potentially means a lower car insurance premium.  You become a lower risk to insurance companies.

Higher Excess

When you increase your excess or agree to pay an additional, voluntary excess at claim stage, your car insurance premium will be reduced.

Your Lifestyle

Driving less than the average person can save you a lot on car insurance.  You spend less time on the road and are therefore less likely to be involved in a car accident than someone whose constantly on our roads.