Car Insurance Claims


What do you need in order to submit a car insurance claim at your insurer or broker?  Most insurance companies stipulate that you have to inform them of any loss or damage within 30 days.  Failing to do so might result in your claim being repudiated.

Claiming After An Accident

a)  A quotation for repairs from an approved panel beater.

b)  Copy of the driver’s ID and license.

c)  Police case number.

d)  A description and/or sketch of the accident.

e)  Details of any other parties involved in the accident.

f )  Contact details of eyewitnesses, if applicable.

Hijacking / Theft Claims

a)  Police case number.

b)  Description of where and how loss occurred.

c)  If tracking device fitted, details of tracking company (if not indicated on policy).  Where a gear lock is fitted, you will need to supply the insurer with the gear lock key.

In most cases a waiting period will apply before your claim can be processed.  Usually between 10 and 30 days.  The reason being that most stolen or hijacked vehicles found are recovered within this timeframe.  If you have only one car in your household, it would be wise to include cover for a rental vehicle.

Cover Excluded On Car Insurance Policies

–  Driving without a valid South African driver’s license.

–  Driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

–  The driver has an endorsed license.

–  When the car is not in a roadworthy condition.

–  Unauthorized use of the car.

–  Using the car for any purposes other than those covered by the policy (i.e. racing).

–  Using the car in countries not covered by the policy.

–  Any other exclusions as indicated on the policy.